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The Real Wedding of Kersten & Ming at Gosfield Hall

Two New Yorkers back in Essex to tie the knot

Can you compare Essex and New York? A quick Google search would suggest no. But there are a few things we believe both destinations have in common. Coastline, for one. Did you know Essex has 350 miles of coastline? And New York City has 520 miles! Always gotta go one bigger over there haven't they…! Ok, celebrities. Essex is the birthplace of countless internationally famous faces such as Russel Brand, Jamie Oliver, and Rupert Grint (Ronald Weasley) – to name but a few! New York has a couple of celebs who've come from there too, nobody you would've heard of though… But none of the A-list celebs born in NYC compare to the faces featured on Mount Rushmore. That iconic US landmark visited by millions of people every year. A monument that celebrates 5 famous presidents who helped shape the country. Well, did you know they all came from Essex, or more specifically, their families came from Essex! We won't bore you with the details here, but suffice to say, America would be a very different place today if it were not for the glorious county of Essex, UK!

But why are we blathering on about New York? Well, today's couple, Kersten and Ming, live in New York! (Tenious link, we know) And they returned to Essex to tie the knot. We were fortunate enough to play a part in their big day by providing Kersten with her effortlessly chic Blue by Enzoani gown.

The Real Wedding of Kersten & Ming at Gosfield Hall Essex

Both Kersten and Ming are originally from the UK, and that's why they wanted celebrations to take place here. The venue chosen to host their wedding was the stunningly elegant Gosfield Hall. A sprawling Georgian mansion and grounds that served as the dreamiest, most timeless backdrop to their big day.

The Real Wedding of Kersten & Ming at Gosfield Hall in Essex

We're so pleased to be sharing a few sneak peeks from the big day, along with a few words from the bride herself about the experience.

How did you two meet?

We met on our first day of work at the hospital. Ming spotted me from the other side of the room, and snuck over to sit behind me. Shortly after, I left the room and when I came back I sat in the wrong row, accidentally sitting right next to Ming! The rest, as they say, is history.

How did you get engaged?

Ming arranged a special, surprise birthday weekend and told me I had to do what he said for the surprise. He woke me up at 5am with a treasure hunt in my flat, which I was way too tired to participate in! This led to a riddle that had me go to Grand Central Station, New York. I had to put on a red dress and was not in the best mood, given how early it was! Once at the station, in my special dress, Ming took me to the clock at the station, where he'd hired a photographer to take photos of the big moment.

wedding at gosfield hall essex

What was your favourite moment(s) from the wedding?⁣

Definitely the ceremony! We had spent 5 out of our 7 years together in a long-distance relationship, and so to finally get to have that moment and be announced as husband and wife was just magical. ⁣

Tell us all about your wedding dress. What details do you love, how did it make you feel? ⁣

I loved how elegant my dress (Marla from Blue by Enzoani) made me feel. I had some doubts about the ability to move my arms in it, given the off-the-shoulder straps, however we were still able to have our first dance with the rehearsed twirls and lift!⁣

⁣What was the general decor for your big day? ⁣

We went for timeless, classic elegance, with a colour theme of light pink and gold.

real bride in maria from blue by enzoani

⁣Do you have any advice for future Bellissima Brides? ⁣

⁣Savour every moment of trying to pick your dress, the accessories, and all the fittings – everything goes by too quickly! Don’t stress too much about finding the 'perfect' dress, no matter what you pick, it will be perfect for you. ⁣

⁣Do you have any local suppliers you would like to recommend?

We absolutely loved all of our suppliers and cannot recommend them enough.

Wedding Dress – Marla from Blue by Enzoani

Photographer – Jasmine Jade⁣ Photography (not her photos in this post)

Videographer – Neil from NDR films⁣

Venue - Gosfield Hall

Florist – Stock Florist

Evening Entertainment – Diamond Fun Casino

Cake – Twins Wedding Shop

Hair and Make Up – Tamara Tott by Wedding Day MUA

⁣How was your Bellissima experience?⁣

⁣I loved my Bellissima experience from start to finish! It was always so exciting every time I got to go to Bellissima. We both live in New York but are from the UK and had our wedding in Essex, so every trip home from the US was made special by a visit to Bellissima!


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