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The Real Wedding of Kelly & Paul at The Lion Inn in Boreham

The prefect dress, nine years in the waiting.

When you find your dream dress, a typical first instinct is to want to wear it all the time. You want to wear it home. When you go to the supermarket. Picking the kids up from school. You feel the desire to wear this perfect gown, that feels as though it was designed exclusively for you, all the time. And you cannot wait to wear it on your big day. For most brides, that day, once fittings are over, is usually not that far off. A few days, or weeks. Which is fine, we can patiently wait that length of time. But imagine needing to wait a lot longer than that. A few years longer than that!

Our bride Kelly found her wedding dress with us 9 years ago…! Nearly 10 years of waiting to wear the perfect bridal gown. But, even after all that time, she still knew it was 'the one'.

real wedding lion inn boreham essex

The Real Wedding of Kelly & Paul at The Lion Inn in Boreham

Today we're so pleased to be sharing Kelly's wedding to Paul, which took place at The Lion Inn venue in Boreham. Along with a few words from the bride herself about the experience.

How did you two meet?

We first met round the back of our local shops 25 years ago, when I was 15 and Paul was 17!! The romance hey! We properly got together when I was 21, and I was so so happy!

How did you get engaged?

Paul proposed on my 30th birthday! Although, with the arrival of the twins and then Covid, it took 10 years to finally make it! I had the dress for 9 years, just waiting to be worn.

real bride wedding morning essex ian stuart

What was your favourite moment(s) from the wedding?

Just seeing everyone we love in one place. Everywhere you looked was happy, beautiful faces! To have that much love and happiness in one room was a feeling I can’t explain. It was just perfect… and Paul scrubbed up well too! Our twins are 8 now, and were our flower girls, so the fact that it was so delayed was a wonderful thing, as we're able to have them there with us. Something they'll hopefully always remember.

Tell us all about your wedding dress. What details do you love, how did it make you feel?

So the dress!!!! It was 'Serenade' by Ian Stuart. I loved that it was just beautiful at the back and front. It felt amazing, and as soon as I saw it, I knew it was made for me. Seeing as I got it 9 years ago, I did come back to Bellissima to try on others to see if I was going to buy another. But nothing compared to my original, perfect dress.

What was the general decor for your big day?

I saw a David Austin pale pink rose and based my theme around that. I wanted roses and a rustic, wood theme throughout.

real bride in ian stuart wedding dress essex wedding

Do you have any advice for future Bellissima Brides?

My advice is relax, and enjoy. There is no point sweating the details as it will all come together in the end. Also, if it does get a little overwhelming, chatting all day, just hit the dance floor and let your hair down! You deserve to enjoy all your hard work and effort!

Do you have any local suppliers you would like to recommend?

We got married at The Lion Inn in Boreham and the service was unbelievable! I was blown away by the staff and the wedding venue itself. It was all we wanted and some! Our planner Georgina was just exceptional too!

Our band was called Highway 21 and they had the floor filled!!! They were amazing, and I would totally recommend them. So many guests were asking for their details.

My florist was ‘Flowers by Renee Marie’ in Hadleigh. She made me cry when she brought them in to me. They were just gorgeous, incredible quality and truly beautiful. She got exactly what I wanted!

Georgie Fredericks did our makeup, and it was just gorgeous. All of the bridesmaids were just so happy with their looks. Hair was by Stacy Eva. She, again, was wonderful, and it all stayed where it was meant to. Both were so helpful and kind.

How was your Bellissima experience?

Of course, I'd recommend you guys for your help, advice and just being lovely!! It was a long journey, but you finally got rid of me! Ha! You listened, were accommodating with appointments, always professional and have just the most beautiful dresses! You made me feel like the best I’ve ever felt!! You made my dream come true!


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