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Your bridesmaids deserve the best - and, here at Bellissima, we aim to make sure they get it!

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At Bellissima Weddings we operate a closed-door policy and work strictly by appointment only for bridesmaids and bridal. Which means once you and your loved ones are inside our beautiful store, you can fully relax. Knowing that your changing room and guest area is reserved exclusively for you and your party. Fully private.


Please do note that as a licensed premises, and in the interest of safeguarding, children under the age of 5 are not permitted in the building under any circumstances.


We offer bridesmaids appointments during our two late evenings sessions (Tuesdays and Thursdays), as well as during weekdays. Owing to limited space and the high demand for bridal appointments, unfortunately we cannot offer bridesmaid appointments on Saturdays.


As long as you’re all happy with that then the next thing is to make an appointment!


To book your bridesmaids appointment either call us during shop hours on 01245 323 585 or email us at stating that you’d like to make a bridesmaids appointment. In your email please also provide us with a phone number and a convenient time to call. That way we can chat with you when you're ready to find the perfect day and time to visit.

Depending on availability and how many people you’d like to bring along, we’ll find you the most suitable room to accommodate your wishes.

We run our bridesmaids appointments in a way that's structured for you and your girls to have the best time with the least amount of worry, stress and fuss.


Before you all attend Bellissima, we will ask you and your girls to have a look at our bridesmaids dresses online, and select a maximum of 10 styles to try in-store. Have the conversations about who feels happy with straps, who feels insecure in strapless and who refuses to wear baby pink chiffon before you come to your appointment, and voilà - you’ll have a group of ladies happy to try on their chosen styles. Believe us when we say this method works!


If you’re a Platinum bride of ours then you’ll also receive a whopping 15% discount off the price of your dresses. Delivery times can vary from month to month and, although a rush-cut is often available at an extra charge, it’s important to allow adequate time for your dresses to arrive. This can be typically around 16 weeks.


We'll let you know as soon as the dresses arrive and then arrange a convenient time for you to collect them. That way your girls can try them on in the comfort of their own home. Please bear in mind that you must inform us immediately if any of the dresses do not fit, or there's an issue. As you can imagine we typically have a limited window of opportunity to resolve any issues, therefore the sooner you let us know the better.


Please note that we do not offer an in-house alteration service on our bridesmaids dresses. However, the same lovely seamstresses who attend to our brides during the evenings and weekends in-store should be able to alter your bridesmaids dresses as well. We’ll gladly supply you with their details when you place your order, so you can contact the ladies directly to book an appointment.

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