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What to Expect from Your First Wedding Florist Meeting

How to prepare for the first meeting with your wedding florist, and what they'll likely ask you.

Brides often say they don't feel quite like a bride until they're holding their bouquet, and nothing quite decorates a reception room like a mountain of flowers. Therefore, it's no wonder then that choosing a wedding florist is one of the most important decisions couples will make during the planning process. Not only will their work contribute to your overall wedding look, it'll also inform the feel of your ceremony and receptions venues.

An expertly placed floral installation or a thought-out centrepiece can transform a blank canvas wedding venue into a magical space that guests will never forget. But how to do you find the bloomin' genius to create that for you, and what will your prospective wedding florist expect from you.

To ensure you nail your wedding flowers and get the look you've always dreamed of, we've put together a checklist of things your wedding florist will ask you during your first meeting. Bookmark this page and take it along to your first consultation for a successful first foray into the colourful world of wedding flowers!

What information will your Wedding Florist Expect from on your first meeting

Have you chosen your wedding date?

The time of year you're getting married in may cause fluctuations in the price of the flowers you select. Some flowers have limited availability, and can only be sourced during specific seasons or months of the year. Knowing your wedding date will allow your wedding florist to give you an accurate quote, as well as offer suggestions on bloom varieties that will be in season at the time of your wedding. Most florists also have limited availability for weddings each week, and knowing your date allows your florist to know if they have availability.

Have you picked your colour palette?

It will be easier for your wedding florist to suggest specific blooms to use if they have a planned colour palette to work with.

Is your wedding dress selected?

Your bridal bouquet design should complement your wedding dress style, and the same goes for your bridesmaids too. Bring along pictures or links to your chosen styles, so your wedding florist can coordinate things perfectly.

What to Expect from Your First Wedding Florist Meeting

Do you have any blooms that have inspired you?

Pictures of bouquets, centrepieces, and other floral inspiration will make it easier for your wedding florist to select florals that reflect you and your partner. Having a few photos helps your florist to become familiar with your floral style. A Pinterest board is also very helpful to have and can be sent to your florist before the first meeting.

Do you know your budget?

Your wedding budget may need to be adjusted based on your floral needs, and if you are unsure about the actual cost of flowers, your florist will be able to fill in the gaps. If you want Pinterest-worthy, fine-art inspired, lush designs, prepare to put aside 20-25% of your total wedding budget… But the final total for your flowers will, of course, depend on your needs, the space and the wedding florist you are working with.

Where would you like the flowers to be?

How many bridesmaid's bouquets do you require? How many guest centrepieces? Do you require flowers for your ceremony? It's okay if you aren't sure who should have flowers or exactly where you should place flowers at the ceremony or reception. But it's good to have an idea. A wise wedding florist will also remind you that a lot of the time you can re-use flowers throughout the day. Asking friends to take the flowers from the ceremony, and redistribute them at the reception venue, is a lot cheaper than buying double the number of blooms.

Is anyone in the wedding party allergic to certain flowers?

Find out if anyone in the wedding party has an allergy to the flowers you are thinking of using, before you ask your florist to include them in the bouquets, centrepieces etc. If you know of any guests that have severe allergies, you must let your florist know.


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