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Your Wedding Planning To-Do List

Post-Freedom Day, means pre-wedding planning now that celebrations can happen almost normally, but where do you start? You need a to-do list!

Monday the 19th of July will be a momentous day for many people. For those who have not been able to see their loved ones. For people desperate to travel abroad. And for those just desperate to get their 'rave on' down the local discotheque! It may be a time of jubilation, but it is important to remember that this is not over yet, and that the problem very much still exists. However, over the last 18 months we have felt every pain our brides have been feeling, and understand completely just how urgently they want to celebrate their big day just how they imagined it. But after many months of hiatus, or not even bothering to start booking things for your wedding, you may stuck thinking where to start! That's why today, we thought we'd share our Wedding Planning To-Do List. A handy guide that will not solve your problems, but may help you get back on track and remember where you left off.

This is a guideline timeframe for anything that you might need to do over the 12-18 months. Or to reorientate you with parts of the process that you might need to re-plan. Either way, treat the following as a checklist to help you put the puzzle pieces together.

An Essential Wedding Planning To-Do List

Things to do as soon as you become engaged

  • Share the big news with your close family and friends

  • If both sets of parents haven't met, arrange a little get together

  • Set your wedding budget

  • Decide what wedding tasks need to be completed, and who is responsible for each thing

  • If you're planning a religious ceremony, arrange the first meeting with your minister or priest to set a date for your wedding

  • If you're having a civil ceremony, then book the registry office or civil venue

  • Send your ‘Save the Dates’ with venue details for out of town guests, or loved ones living abroad

  • Make appointments with wedding dress shops

  • Choose your witnesses

12 months before the wedding

  • Announce your engagement to your wider circle of friends and family

  • If you're keen to have an engagement party, now's the time!

  • Think about the size of your wedding, and start drafting your guest list

  • Start looking at wedding venues

  • Think about wedding decor styles and colours

  • Select your bridal party and groomsmen

  • Send out save the date cards or email invites to guests

10 months before the big day

  • Choose your wedding venue

  • Book your registrar, or cleric

  • Book your chosen wedding venue(s) and put down the deposits

  • Purchase wedding insurance

  • Consider hiring a wedding planner, or stylist

  • Set up a Personal Website to help keep your friends up to date with your plans

  • Book your photographer (and videographer)

8 months before the big day

  • Order your wedding dress and accessories

  • Book your wedding caterer, florist, transport, cake designer and honeymoon

  • Contact rental companies if you need to hire furniture, and/or linen

6 months before the big day

  • Book the accommodation for your wedding night, and any rooms for your out-of-town guests

  • Buy your wedding favours

  • Set up a gift list

  • Order wedding stationery, the groomsmen suits and rings

  • Give notice of marriage/or arrange for your banns to be read in church and pay any necessary fees

  • Renew or get passports, if you're going on a honeymoon abroad

4 months before the big day

  • Buy going away outfits if you're planning a honeymoon

  • Buy gifts for each other, your parents, and anyone else in the wedding party if you'd like to treat everyone

  • Purchase or DIY your wedding decorations

3 months before the big day

  • Arrange your first wedding dress fitting

  • Create a 'shot list' of must-take photographs and discuss them with your photographer, and/or videographer

  • Plan the wedding menu with your caterer

  • Post your wedding invitations

  • Select hymns and decide on order of service or choose suitable wedding music and/or readings

  • Write your wedding vows (if you're reading your own)

1 month before the big day

  • Arrange for someone to take care or your plants, pets, or children while on honeymoon

  • Have your final wedding dress fitting and arrange to pick up your gown

  • Check with your big day suppliers and make sure they know what they're delivering, where they're delivering it to and when it should arrive

  • Write and print an order of service

  • Write thank you cards as you receive your wedding gifts

  • Buy a guest book and decide on where it will go, or look for alternative ideas

  • Finalise the seating plan and write your place cards

  • Confirm the wedding guest head count with your caterer

  • Wear your wedding shoes in around the house

  • Give your DJ or wedding musician your song list

2 days before the big day

  • Check that everyone in the wedding party knows their responsibilities (e.g. greeting and seating guests, checking suppliers, pouring Champagne!)

  • Confirm your wedding day transport

  • Indulge in a manicure and pedicure

  • Make sure all wedding day items are packed up or laid out

On the day

  • Allow plenty of time to get ready

  • Enjoy yourself and relax!

After the wedding/honeymoon

  • Send out your thank-you cards

  • Have your wedding dress cleaned and preserved

  • Keep in touch with your photographer and/or videographer while they work on your photographs, album and/or film

  • Arrange to change the surname on your driving licence, with your bank and so on, if necessary


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