How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

Updated: Feb 3

No idea where to begin with choosing your wedding flowers? These pointers for fuss-free florals will help – promise!

Flowers play an important part in any wedding; they help set the tone for a celebration, carry your chosen theme and create a beautiful setting for your nuptials. For many bride-to-be's knowing where to start when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers can be difficult so, before you head out for your first florist consultation, read our expert guide…

When should I start thinking about my wedding flowers?

Right away! Flowers should be a big consideration for your special day. Choose them wisely and not only will they enhance the beauty of your wedding dress but also create a picture perfect setting for your celebration. In terms of finding a wedding florist, start your research a year before your wedding date and make your first appointment once you have chosen your bridal gown and wedding venue, as these will be two important factors your florist will need to take into consideration when discussing ideas for your big day.

Where should I look for inspiration?

Blogs, social media and wedding sites are brimming with wedding flowers inspiration, so get exploring. Create a board on Pinterest and start pinning ideas as you go - these will prove invaluable for your first meeting with your florist. You could even create a shared board and get input from your groom (you'll be lucky!), bridesmaids or mum. If you prefer, take cuttings from bridal magazines and start a scrapbook. At a later date, you’ll be able to add sample swatches of your chosen gown to give your florist a clear vision of your wedding day.

bouquet of flowers for essex wedding

What flowers should I choose?

It’s a good idea to take into account the time of year in which you will be getting married and consider which flowers will be in season. Seasonal flowers are not only cheaper and easier for florists to source, but they are also at their most naturally beautiful. That said, don’t worry if your dream wedding flowers aren’t in season when you are due to tie the knot, most flowers can be sourced all year round.

How can I make my wedding flowers personal to me?

As with every other aspect of a wedding, your bridal bou