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What to do After Getting Engaged

Compulsory reading for newly engaged couples

First things first, congratulations! This is a special time, and you should cherish every little moment. This is one of the most fun, exciting and loved-up times you'll probably ever experience. But, But in all the shared excitement of dreaming about what’s to come, it can be hard to actually know what to do after getting engaged.

You've seen engagements in movies countless times, and you've read about it in books, so you feel like you should know what to do, but do you?! For most of us, no, we don't. And actually not knowing what to do after getting engaged is very common.

Today, we’re going to share the fun, simple things that we recommend you do once that ring slips onto your finger. And let’s be clear before we begin, these are not things you have to do. Every couple is different, and if you’re unable to tick off these tasks, it doesn’t mean you’re going down the wrong path. You’re just doing it your way.

What Do We Do After Getting Engaged?

Take a Breather, and Enjoy the Moment

You’ll often read that after getting engaged, the first thing you should do is get a manicure and post a ring selfie! But we believe those first few moments, minutes and hours after getting engaged should be spent together, enjoying it.

Be excited together, fantasize about the future, and have a celebratory drink together! Because from here on out, as soon as you tell people your news, it becomes everyone’s celebration. So, for the time being, enjoy this private excitement together.

Inform Your Closest Loved Ones

Way before you start looking for ring selfie inspiration, you should share your news with your closest family & friends. Mum, dad, siblings, and best friends all deserve to know way before anyone else, and certainly before hits your 'gram.

Give these VIPs a call, or even pop round to their house, and make them feel as special as you know they are.

Tell the World

Now’s the time to get that manicure, and share the big news with your wider network of friends/family/followers.

Our word of advice would be that engaged shots look best when they’re as natural as possible. So try to capture the moment together on the same day, while you’re still feeling that raw emotion.

Get that Rock Insured & Re-sized

If your partner managed to get a ring made for you that fits perfectly, then that's great! However, this is not always the case, and normally an engagement ring will need to be re-sized in order for it to fit perfectly.

Alongside re-sizing, you should also get your ring insured. Because all the time you’re walking around with a ring that’s too big for your fingers, you’re risking it falling off, and rolling away. Avoid this, and sort both of these jobs asap.

Throw a Little Engagement Party

You both have a lot of planning to do over the coming months, with countless decisions needing to be made. So, before you need to start all of that, host a little pre-engagement party with your close friends and family, and celebrate your news without all the fuss.

Nothing fancy, just a few drinks, and a few informal (drunken) toasts.

Sketch Out a Wedding Date

Your wedding date will affect everything, and so it needs careful consideration. The most popular venues, and suppliers, always get snapped up quickly for bookings at peak times. So if you want something in particular on your big day, and you’re not willing to wait for it, you need to act fast.

Also, unless you’re planning to elope, you’ll want your loved ones to be at your wedding, so consider their timetable too. Talk to both families, and your close friends, and float the provisional date/s you’re considering. That way, you won’t be too disappointed when you start sending out the RSVP's.

Gather Some Wedding Inspiration

Wedding date, or no wedding date, it’s good to start thinking about how your big day could look.

What theme are you both drawn to? What kind of venue would you like? Do some Googling, buy some magazines and chat things through together. Remember that unless your timeline is really tight, there’s no need to decide anything yet.


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