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The Most Exclusive Bar in Essex is Now Open

We went and added a wine bar to our little bridal shop because, well, why not!?

During the multiple lockdown periods in the UK, most of us were stuck at home. Bored, stressed and anxious about what the immediate future held for us. That was very much the case for all of us too at Bellissima. But, giving in to these negative feelings has never been our way, and together we fought through the strain of having to keep our shop doors shut, by looking forward. Planning, dreaming and plotting ways we can actually come back stronger from this pandemic, and better the Bellissima experience for all of our future brides.

Through multiple Zoom meetings (online wine sessions...), we discussed how we could immediately make our brides feel happy, and comfortable, whilst working within the new restrictions. And so, we decided to open our shop floor, and create separate sections, each with their own private entrances. This meant brides were free to roam within their own area, without fear of bumping into anyone else. We also completed the new storage and pressing area upstairs, that we never seemed to find the time to do pre-Covid, and opened up a brand new, stylish fitting room so that our alterations department could operate independently from the main boutique downstairs.

However, we weren't satisfied, and we knew we weren't done yet. And so, one night, after a busy Saturday, team Bellissima were sat outside the shop on some makeshift seating. Together we chatted about our day, sipped some wine and quizzed each other about what we could do next to improve the bridal experience. And suddenly, someone came up with an idea, "why don't we build a bar?!" At first, her suggestion was thought to have more to do with the two glasses of chilled Prosecco she had already consumed, rather than a serious business decision. But then, after more discussion, and more sparkling wine, the concept didn't seem too crazy - and an idea was born.

That was many months ago, and now through much trial and tribulation, we are very proud to announce that our wine bar is now open! And the title of this post is not an overstatement. Because to be able to drink at our bar, you will need to have an appointment with Bellissima Weddings. We are not open to the general public. Our bar has been designed, created and is operated solely to elevate your experience with us. And to make it as magical as possible. With that in mind, and exclusivity at the forefront of our thoughts, we weren't content with serving whatever was on offer at our local Majestic Wines. We wanted to serve our own wine, selected especially for our shop, and branded with our signature touch. And so, thanks to New Hall Vineyards we are very proud to offer a selection of delicious wines that cannot be found anywhere else! Be that our pale and bang on trend rose, either sparkling or still. Our crisp white wine, or the immediately popular English sparkling wine - an instant hit with our girls!

For the non-wine lovers, we do have a rather lovely pink gin and the ever popular Aperol Spritz, and for the designated drivers, we have created our very own ‘Bellissima Baby’ mocktail, with Fentimans Rose lemonade, pomegranate and some special touches! If you're awaiting your appointment with us, we will let you know how the bar works, and you can either pre-order and pay (fab for a special surprise for your girls) or order on the day. As a cherry on the cake, we’ve created a fab outside area for you to continue your time with us after your appointment and finish your drinks. To moisten your palette, and excite your senses, here's a link to our drinks' menu!

We will be sharing more info on it via social media very soon. For now, have a browse of our new pics, and get excited for your future Bellissima experience!

See you soon

Lots of love,

Laura & the girls xx


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