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9 Something Old Ideas to Include in Your Wedding Day

Including 'something old, something new' in your wedding is a sweet nod to the past, and a positive look to the future. Today we explain the meaning behind the superstition, and bring you some ideas for following this good-luck tradition.

'Something old, something new' is one of the best-known British and American wedding traditions. As we'll explain, it's also one of the easiest traditions to include in your big day.

The tradition is believed to have come from a 19th-century English rhyme: 'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.' The idea is that, to bring good luck for the future, a bride should include something that references each thing in her wedding-day outfit.

However, we've seen increasing numbers of brides also incorporating the tradition in different areas of the wedding, such as décor, so you're certainly not limited to things you can wear!

Of course, as with all wedding traditions, 'something old, something new' isn't compulsory. However, if you do want to give a nod to this particular tradition, we've found some no-stress ideas to help you, from subtle bridal accessories and outfit tweaks to cool décor details.

Something Old Ideas You Could Introduce to Your Wedding Day

A bride's "something old" tends to have a special meaning - perhaps an heirloom from a family member maybe, but don't discount vintage finds, too.

1. Repurpose a Family Wedding Dress

You could wear your mother's, or even grandmother's, wedding dress if they still have it in their possession. However, if you'd rather choose your own, it's worth asking whether they'd mind you repurposing their dress material.

2. Choose Some Antique/Vintage Jewellery

Vintage jewellery is a lovely, effortless way to add a "something old" to your big day look, and you'll end up with a special keepsake.

3. Borrow a Family Heirloom

Alternatively, see if an older relative will lend you a piece of special jewellery for the day. Bonus: it can be your "something borrowed" too!

4. Shop for Vintage Fabric

If you're the crafty type, this will be perfect for you. So long as you're not wedded to the idea of your "something old" being wearable, buy some rolls of vintage fabric and use them throughout your wedding décor - think napkins, "happy tears" hankies at the ceremony and table runners.

5. Go Vintage with Your Wedding Car

Vintage isn't just for wedding fashion and décor. Choose a cool classic car as your wedding transport, for a "something old" with real style.

6. Use a Family Veil

See if an older member of you or your partner's family will let you use their wedding veil for your big day, you'll save money on your fashion budget and cover your something borrowed and old in one go!

7. Create a Vintage Look

For a looser interpretation of "something old", consider a vintage-inspired hairstyle for a glamorous bridal look. Do some research into the era you want to emulate, 1940s Victory Rolls, for example, or a chic '60s beehive. Or go for a vintage style wedding dress, like this gorgeous little tea-length from Maggie Sottero.

8. Have a Hair Accessory with History

You can find some beautiful vintage hair accessories - check out Etsy to start - from tiaras to clips. Or better still, raid your Mum's special keepsake draws!

Want to add some more vintage elements to your wedding? Check out our post on how to throw a boho style wedding here.

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