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Wedding Dress Alterations: What You Should Know Before Altering Your Bridal Gown

Brides often ask us about wedding dress alterations, and so we thought we'd come up with some top tips on the subject!

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Almost every single bride will need to have some form of alterations done on their wedding dress. So it's good to be prepared for it.

Wedding Dress Alterations Tips

Book all your bridal fittings in advance

Book your fittings with your seamstress in advance, don’t leave it until a week or two before your wedding. Weddings are seasonal, so seamstresses get very busy during peak times. You should book your first fitting for least 8-10 weeks before your wedding, as it's a gradual process that'll take a few fittings to find the perfect, finished look.

Be prepared to possibly have fittings during daylight hours Monday-Friday.  Seamstresses are just like us. They need to have appointments, sew, sleep, eat and try to have a social life! Which is especially true during the busy wedding season, which runs from March through to September.

Bring your wedding underwear to every fitting

You’ve probably already been told to bring the same size heels as you'll wear on the big day to your dress fitting. But you may not know it’s also a good idea to wear your bridal lingerie/underwear, or at least the underwear you intend to wear during the day.

If you are going to wear a bra, buy a nude strapless bra that you don't mind getting cut up and stitched into your dress. Shape-wear, is also a viable option, and if being worn, should be brought. In fact, it’s a rarity to see a bride without shapewear these days. As they can add a very smooth line to the finish of your dress.

Ignore the length of your dress (at first)

As you can imagine, bridal designers have to make their gowns for brides of all heights, and include heel height. The best advice we can give, is if you have your shoes, or know the heel height of the shoes you'll be wearing on your wedding day, bring them bridal shopping. As it will help give you a better idea of the overall look.

When ordering, some styles will have the option to order with different lengths, which will save alteration costs.

Be realistic with your goal weight (and leave enough time for alterations)

If you are trying to lose weight for your wedding, it’s important you’re at your goal weight several weeks before the big day. Ideally, you need to leave at least 6 weeks before your wedding, so your alterations can start.

Please be open, and honest with your alterations' person. Their only interest is in the way the garment is fitting. They don’t care if you are a size 0 or a size 50, they are there to make your dress fit like a glove and make you feel a million dollars, wearing the best dress you'll ever wear! But they can only do this if you are honest about your weight, and lifestyle from the start.

Bring a friend to your alteration appointments (but not a crowd)

Just as with your initial fitting with us, having someone else with you can help guide your alterations, and ensure your wedding dress fits correctly. However, while a friend’s opinion can be really helpful, having too many voices sharing their thoughts is counterproductive. Bring someone you trust and who knows your personal style and desired look.


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