10 Unusual Hen Party Ideas

Take the pain out of planning a hen do with some original ideas to make your celebration one to remember for all the right reasons

We’ve all been there. The “Hey Ladies…” round-robin email you’ve been waiting for arrives in your inbox, and once you read beyond the “The lovely [so-and-so] is getting hitched and I’m sure we all can’t WAIT for the big day etc.” and cut to the chase, your heart sinks. Just a little...

To your dismay, it’s yet another hen party afternoon tea-spa combo. While eating scones and being massaged are undeniably lovely ways to spend a weekend, when it’s the fifth time you’ve paid for the same hen-do activities in the same year, it can all start to feel a bit samey. You’ve iced enough cupcakes to open your own bakery and taken so many tap dancing classes, your skills could you a gig in the Westend! Indeed, when people have scrimped and saved all year to afford these (often costly) trips, they want a memorable experience that doesn’t just merge into the typical hen do fare. The bride-to-be deserves better after all!

So if you’ve been given the unenviable task of organising a hen do (or are the bride in question and have decided to arrange your own) it’s worth getting a bit creative if you want everyone to be upbeat and genuinely enthusiastic when the date rolls around. But you don’t need a giant budget or loads of bells and whistles, just a bit of creative thinking! With that in mind, we’ve taken the tried-and- tested classics and given them a unique update. If you’re leaving the details to your maid of honour, maybe subtly slip a few of these suggestions her way and prepare for an unforgettable party.

Swap a dance class for… a trampoline workout

Instead of piling into a studio to strut your stuff Beyoncé-style, literally take things to the next level with a trampoline-workout hen do instead. You and your girls can wear fancy dress or gym kit and learn fun routines to fabulous tracks, all on a trampoline. bouncefitbody.com

Swap outdoor games for… the Hen-Limpic games

Serious about sport? This may not be for you, as it’s an unashamedly silly take on the Olympics. Compete against other groups in events such as foot darts, giant egg and spoon, and caterpillar archery relay. You might not break any world records, but you’ll have a great laugh. gohen.co.uk

Swap afternoon tea for… afternoon tea on a Routemaster

If you still want to get your fix of scones, cream and tea, do it with the sights of London as your backdrop, motoring around the city in a vintage double-decker. london.b-bakery.com