How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have?

Is 10 too many? Or is 1 one not enough?

As we start to see the light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel, it's important to reflect, and remember the things we truly missed during our long period of lockdown. Maybe all you missed was the chance to take a walk in the open air. Or meet your mates down the pub? Or take a trip somewhere hot, and sandy! But for us, it was friends. We missed sharing moments with old ones, new ones and ones we know from work. Friends are important, and when we were kept away from them for so long, it was soon apparent why. Because, as humans, we need to be able to share how we feel about things, make each other laugh and listen to one another when we're down. Friends, and family, are vital. And, if like us, you realised that too over the last 18 months, you might be tempted to bolster your bridesmaids squad with a few extra members. Some special heroes who've really helped you get through some tough times recently. And so you should. It's a gift being a bridesmaid, and an honour to be asked. But now you've added a few extra girls/boys to your crew, you may be wondering, how many bridesmaids should I have? Do I have enough? Do I have too many?!

Therefore, today, we thought we'd lend a guiding hand, and help you understand how many bridesmaids you should have. Because it's complicated, sometimes heartbreaking, but also tough for brides to choose who those best girls & boys are. And how many there should be.

What is the Average Number of Bridesmaids?

The number of bridesmaids chosen for a bridal party, is very much down to the size of the wedding. For instance, a small wedding of up to 100 people, is unlikely to feature 9 bridesmaids. But a wedding of 500+ people, may do. Typically, on average, brides tend to go for around 3-5 bridesmaids.

How to Find Your Magic Number of Bridesmaids

The group of bridesmaids you choose should be made up of people you want to be first in line to see you tie the knot. They are the A-list celebs at your own personal Golden Globes. They're the family and pals you can depend on in times of crisis, and when you just want a good laugh. So, if you have a group of five close friends who make you feel that way, then go with five! If you have one really really good friend, then go with just one! It's important to remember that there are no rules, and anything we share, or you hear, is just guidance. Your aunt might turn her nose up, when she hears you only have one bridesmaid. But don't worry about her, its your big day, and if that one friend is better than 10 put together, then she/he should be by your side.

There is no 'correct' number of bridesmaids

You don't need a certain number of bridesmaids. You don't have to choose an odd number or an even number or a certain number, like five because you've been to (or have been a part of) other weddings where that was the case. Numbers don't matter, and there's no hard-and-fast rule that you should abide by when it comes to how many bridesmaids you want to lead the way for you down the aisle.

You don't need to match the groomsmen

There's no need to have a matching number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. The only time anyone might notice there's a difference, is if you're lining them all up together for a group shot. But any good wedding photographer will allow for this, and balance it out so it doesn't look odd.

“I was their bridesmaid, so they better be mine too…”

Just because Tina chose you to be her bridesmaid, does not mean Tina needs to be yours. If you want Tina to be your bridesmaid, by all means, pick her. But don't feel forced to pick Tina just because. You may not have spoken to Tina in years, or you might not feel the same way about her as she does about you. So, it would be a little awkward if you just brought her into the crew now, and tried to rekindle your friendship, whilst planning a wedding! Pick the people who make you happy, and leave duty at the door.

You don't have to have any bridesmaids at all

In case you haven't got the gist yet, there are no rules when it comes to picking bridesmaids. And that means you don't have to have any, if that's what you prefer. But don't think this means you can have a fabulous (drunken) hen party, oh no, you can still do that. And if your best friends are Dave, Trevor, and Simon, then there's no reason why your bridesmaids can't be bridesmen. Or groommaids. Or graids... made the last one up, it didn't work, but you get the point. Choose the person that is right for the moment, regardless of sex, race, sexuality etc.

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