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Unexpected Wedding Costs Couples Should Look Out For

Here are some things that often catch couples out when they're planning the big day

Couples typically overspend on their wedding day. It happens and it's totally understandable. Not all of us have planned one before, or even any other kind of event on that size. So it's fair enough if the budget starts to run away from you as the day draws near because you suddenly have to pay for unexpected costs you didn't know would come up, or actually be so expensive.

Unexpected Wedding Costs Couples Should Look Out For

There are lots of hidden wedding expenditures that people overlook when planning their budgets, but there's no need to feel guilty or concerned because overlooking these fees is common. It can be difficult to remember to include everything in your budget planner when you're planning a wedding for the first time, but we're here to help.

Unexpected Wedding Costs Every Couple Should Look Out For

We’ve put together some of the most commonly overlooked wedding expenses you should be including in your wedding budget.

Wedding Insurance

We're going to get a really boring one out-of-the-way first, wedding insurance. A big day costs a lot of money. Even those planning a smaller type of celebration can expect to be spending thousands. If something goes wrong, all that money will be lost. Which is why wedding insurance is so important, especially when we consider the events of the last couple of years.

Having a financial plan in place will provide peace of mind and protection in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Ceremony & Legal Fees

Civil ceremonies require you to pay to give notice, registrars fees and have the wedding certificate made. Get an idea of the breakdown of these costs.

At a church wedding, there is a set fee, and also extras such as an organists, bell-ringers and choirs that can also be added into the cost.

If you're having the ceremony and reception at the same venue, be clear with the owners about which spaces are included in the final price. As some venues charge will extra for the ceremony room hire.

If one or both of you intend to have a change of surname, there may be associated costs there too.

wedding planning unexpected costs

A Late Finish

For those who like to party into the wee small hours, it's worthwhile remembering that venues' often charge extra past a certain time. But it's not just venues' you need to consider, it's every other supplier working at your reception too. Catering, wedding bands, bar staff etc all need to be compensated for the extra time.

Set up Fees & Delivery Costs

Anything that you cannot collect before the big day, such as a massive floral display, an enormous arch, or a show-stopping wedding cake, may result in additional setup and delivery costs. Suppliers regularly drive for many hours to wedding destinations and typically need a vehicle to deliver their work.

The construction of floral wedding arches and columns usually takes place on-site, meaning there's typically an additional cost. Check this with each provider because some will list delivery, set up, and pickup separately in their first quotes while others will include all costs in one price.

Hair & Beauty Trials

Trials for your hair and beauty professionals are an important part of the wedding planning process, and a necessary task if you want your big day look to be perfect. However, these trials typically cost money. Be sure to ask about these costs when putting together your budget, and avoid any last-minute shocks!


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