How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Your engagement ring is meant to last a lifetime but like all the best things, it needs a little love and attention to keep it looking sparkly forever more. Here's how to clean your engagement ring and guarantee it looks loved, always.

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

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Like any good marriage, engagement rings are made of strong stuff. Diamonds and precious metals are difficult to ruin, but to keep them in the best condition, they require regular care. It’s important to keep your diamond engagement ring clean. Not only from an aesthetic or hygienic perspective, but because diamond jewellery is an investment and needs protecting to hold its value.

How to Clean Your Engagement Ring

The UK’s leading Hatton Garden jewellers, Diamonds Factory, have compiled a jewellery care list, regardless of the metal type, to ensure your diamond engagement ring looks and feels as good as the day you received it.

  • Always check the engagement ring is in good condition

  • Begin cleaning using dishwashing liquid

  • Gently brush the diamond using a toothbrush

  • Rinse the diamond under running water

  • Safely dry the piece of jewellery

  • Polish the piece of jewellery

  • Handle with care!

1. Check if the ring is in good condition

Before you start cleaning your engagement ring, it is important to check the state of the ring to ensure there are no loose diamonds that may come off during the clean or everyday wear. You can do this by inspecting the claws of the ring or by using a safety pin to check how secure each stone is. If the diamond is moving in the setting, we recommend taking it to a jeweller to have it professionally cleaned and re-set.

2. Begin cleaning using dishwashing liquid

Fill a small bowl with warm to hot water and add washing up liquid. Leave the engagement ring to soak for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how dirty the piece is. You can also try cleaning your diamond with vodka – if there's any left after lockdown! The distilled beverage can dissolve the dirt attached to the diamond thanks to the ethanol.

Ways to Clean Your Engagement Ring

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3. Gently brush the diamond using a toothbrush

After leaving it to soak, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to give the stone a light brush. We recommend using a children's toothbrush because they are generally softer but remember to only keep this toothbrush for cleaning jewellery and no other purpose. Pro tip: remember to brush the base of the lower part of the diamond as a lot of dirt can build up at the base where the diamond is mounted.

4. Rinse the diamond engagement ring under running water

Rinse the piece of jewellery under warm running water and repeat until you are happy with the appearance. Remember to use a plug to avoid your diamond engagement ring dropping down the sink!

5. Safely dry your engagement ring

To dry off your jewellery, use a cotton or linen cloth as these materials will not scratch the metal as paper towels could. You can also let it air dry.

6. Polish the piece of jewellery

If you have a polishing cloth, you can rub it over your piece of jewellery to make the metal shine. Don’t forget to store your cloth in a re-sealable bag to avoid getting dust on it.

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How Often Should I Clean My Diamond Engagement Ring?

This process can be repeated once a week to help keep oils and products from building up, especially at the moment with all the alcohol gel we've been applying recently! However, it is recommended that you take your diamond engagement ring to be professionally cleaned twice a year. Ultrasonic cleaners are also a great way to remove encrusted dirt and work by using vibrations. They use cavitation bubbles induced by low-frequency sound waves to agitate a liquid but in the process can shake any loose stones so it’s important to use one with caution.

How Should I Store My Engagement Ring?

It’s a good idea to clean your engagement ring before you store it as this will avoid any dirt or debris from getting encrusted into the setting and causing any permanent damage. You should store your diamond engagement ring in a microfibre or felt bag and store inside a jewellery box.

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