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Do not miss these festive flash prices!


If you’re looking to keep the wedding budget down, or you’re very short on time, have decided you want a second dress, or just love a bargain - then here’s the Christmas present you might not even know you needed!

We’ve picked out 41 gorgeous wedding dresses to buy off the peg at better the Black Friday prices! These stunning gowns are still available to order at their full, original price, but as you can see, if you want to snap up a Bellissima stock dress, you can do so at a fabulous discount!

There are sizes available from 10 to 16, with the majority being 12’s and 14’s. Please do check the size before getting too excited, and bear in mind that most dresses can be altered down a size or two - but that they are much harder to let out!

If you would like to try any of these gowns, please call or email to book your appointment NOW, as we predict a rush on these dresses and you don’t want to miss out!

The FIRST day for viewing these dresses will be Saturday 25th November, and this promotion will run until Saturday 23rd December or until we sell out!

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