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Your Guide to the Wedding Dress Silhouette

Do you know your Trumpet from your A-line?

We know that when you’re looking for that perfect wedding dress, your aim is to look and feel breathtakingly beautiful from head to toe. And you should! This will be the most special of all the special celebrations in your life. And your wedding dress should reflect how important it is. But the sheer magnitude of options out there can make the process overwhelming. While the many wedding dress silhouette styles can also seem a little daunting to begin with.

wedding dress silhouette

This brief guide will define the most common wedding dress silhouettes and will make it easier for you to find your dream bridal gown.

Learn the Wedding Dress Silhouettes


Have you always dreamed of floating down the aisle like an actual princess? Then the Ball Gown may be your perfect wedding dress silhouette! Its shape is almost universally flattering on all body types.

The bodice is fitted at the natural waist where the full skirt then flares out creating a classic, hourglass shape. The neckline can be any style at all from strapless, to high necked, with or without sleeves.


For a more modern look, try the Fit and Flare. This wedding dress silhouette flows from the neckline down past the waist to where it flares out anywhere from the mid-hip, to below the knee.

There is no defined waist, but adding a belt can show off that area. Both the Mermaid and the Trumpet silhouettes are dramatic variations of a Fit and Flare gown.


If you're aiming for jaw-dropping drama, the sensual Mermaid silhouette might be the perfect choice of wedding dress for you. This silhouette is fitted all the way down to the knees (or even slightly below!), then flares out. Often, the flirty skirt is crafted from a different fabric to the bodice.


This classic look is a wonderful choice for any body type. It can be both casual and cathedral worthy, depending on the fabrics, embellishments, and length of train (or no train).

The A-Line silhouette flows softly from the neckline, flaring to a fuller skirt without a defined waist. Unlike the Ball Gown where the 'outline' looks like an hourglass, an A-Line’s 'outline' creates a capital A. This style gown is comfortable and easy to wear.


A Sheath style wedding dress hugs the body from the neckline to the hem. Sheaths can look quite diverse depending on the fabric used. Lace might make it look more boho, crêpe could hug your figure more, and silk satin could look elegantly sophisticated.

Our stylists at Bellissima will always recommend trying on different dress silhouettes while searching for your dream wedding dress. Often, the gown that ends up being 'the one' is nothing like first thought, and wouldn’t have even considered without the encouragement from a stylist.

Start your bridal gown journey today by booking your appointment.


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