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Gift Yourself a Luxury Bridal Shopping Experience with a VIBE Appointment

Elevate further the thrill of finding your dream wedding dress by booking our new special package.

To make your wedding dress shopping journey even more magical, Bellissima Weddings has launched The VIBE Appointment. The dreamiest, most luxurious way to find your dream dress, shop for accessories and make some memories!

At Bellissima, we forever strive to do more for our brides, and the VIBE appointment is our latest way of creating that perfect bridal discovery experience. An indulgent, relaxing and intimate appointment that'll whisk you away from the busy world of wedding planning. And place you within our unique little sanctuary, where you'll hopefully find 'the one'!

Our VIBE appointments are available to book on selected Wednesday and Thursday evenings all year round, and cost a non-refundable £190.

Due to all the planning and meticulous detail that goes into this one-of-a-kind appointment, you will need to book at least 2 weeks before you would like to visit. But to get the very best out of the experience, and us, we would advise 3 to 4 weeks - just so we can properly work our magic!

Once your VIBE appointment is confirmed, we will liaise with you, or a member of your group, to arrange every detail of your evening. We’ll also set up a WhatsApp group for you and your guests, so your gang can chat together, and ask us questions and/or make requests before the appointment.

Have we piqued your interest? Still undecided? Keep scrolling and discover everything included in our special VIBE appointment!

The VIBE Appointment includes:

- An extra long 3 hour appointment for you the bride, and up to 5 guests over the age of 16.

- An extended wish-list of gowns to try on

- Exclusive booking of the whole downstairs area of Bellissima Weddings

- Two bridal stylists to help you and your party have the bridal experience of a lifetime

- Bottomless Prosecco

- Nosecco for the non-drinkers

- Soft drinks for any 16 to under 18-year-olds

- Sweet and Savoury Grazing snacks

- A curated playlist of your favourite songs - and yes, we do take requests!

- The opportunity to have gifts exchanged, best wishes cards read out, flowers presented or even 'Be my Bridesmaids' proposals (we will arrange all of this with your designated person before your VIBE appointment.)

- A Goody bag for the bride

- As many photos taken on the night as you wish - we’ll help you pose and take selfies so that you all look amazing!

Ready to indulge your bridal fantasies? Head over to our contact page and book your VIBE appointment with us.


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