Wedding Postponed? 9 Wedding Ideas for 2021 to get you Excited.

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Without a doubt, wedding ideas for 2021 are going to be inspired by the Coronavirus lockdown. Not directly of course, I mean we're not thinking tailored hazmat suits for the grooms men and social distancing on the dance floor. More that brides will have longer to plan, DIY and shop locally when it comes to big day supplies.

From helping the British economy bounce back to adopting a ‘go big or go home’ mentality for postponed weddings, this period of time we’ve been stuck in our homes – not able to hug our loved ones – will have a profound effect on how we choose to celebrate. We may see couples chose to celebrate on a much smaller scale, 'micro-weddings' that allow the bride and groom to be with the ones they have missed the most during lockdown. Or maybe brides will go in the other direction and opt for an over the top celebration that is extravagant and oversized, bringing everyone together to enjoy our newfound freedom. Be it big or small, we are sure that wedding ideas for 2021 will be sentimental and caring. I think we've all discovered how much we need each other right now and how gifted we feel whenever we receive the smallest token of affection from friends or family. Of course, we will lose this feeling over time, but as we roll into 2021 I'm sure couples will still be hyper aware of how important it is show someone you care.

Expect 2021 to be a bumper year for weddings, thanks to postponed dates from this year. And with each of those couples putting their own personality and flavour on their day, we predict a surge in creative and unique weddings.

wedding ideas for 2021

Here are our favourite wedding ideas for 2021 to get you excited for the big day.

Buying British

Lockdown has put a huge strain on the UK economy and, in 2021, we’re going to see more couples choose to support the UK’s phenomenal network of suppliers, bridal boutiques and independent businesses with their hard-earned money.