Dress Fittings

So you’ve chosen your dress, had the prefit – what happens next?

The number of fittings varies from bride to bride. If it has been made to special measurements and the bride has stayed the same shape, a single fitting may suffice. More often, a second, third or even fouth appointment is necessary, especially if your gown is a ‘standard’ dress size, and you are having multiple alterations. Providing your measurements don’t change, we only charge for the finished job, NOT the number of fittings.

Please try to limit the number of people you bring to your fittings. Previous experience has taught us that pins, scissors and small children don’t mix, so we ask you not to bring small children to your fittings!

Each time you come for a fitting, you must remember to bring the shoes and underwear you will be wearing on the wedding day. The fitting cannot be carried out without them as they will naturally alter the fit of the gown.

We will always be very clear and upfront about your alteration charges, and ask that you pay in cash at your final fitting once the alterations have been signed off.

Please also note that if your gown was purchased on or after 1 April 2016 we won’t  be able to offer our in-house fitting service on Saturdays or weekday evenings, so please bear this in mind, and consider the fact that you may have to take a day or two’s holiday when it comes to the time of your fittings. If Saturday’s or evenings are the only time that you can manage, we have a list of fab bridal seamstresses who will be more than happy to see you at their own premises.

Please note that we do not offer our in-house alteration service on our bridesmaids dresses at all. The same lovely seamstresses who will see our brides on evenings and weekends out of our shop should be able to alter your maids dresses as well and we’ll gladly supply you with their details when you place your order, so that you can contact the ladies directly to book in.

We offer a cabin box packing service as well if you’re getting married abroad.