9 New Year's Resolutions for a Bride-to-Be

The new year is right around the corner (thank god), and you will no doubt have thought up a couple of New Year's resolutions for 2021. Here are our 9 resolutions that every wedding planning bride-to-be should try and stick to.

1. I will enjoy being engaged.

When wedding planning gets overwhelming, it's easy to forget how special it is to be engaged. If you feel bogged down in the finer details or family drama, rekindle your romance with fun winter dates or special nights in. If this year has taught us anything it's that we need people, and the person you need most of all if your husband/bride-to-be - so keep it special, show so appreciation and enjoy this moment.

Also don't forget to admire your big shiny engagement ring!

2. I will not dream of other people's wedding budgets.

Sometimes it feels like all you need to pull off the most amazing wedding is a bigger budget. But all the cash in the world pales in comparison to the love and joy that really makes a celebration spectacular. Focus on all the fabulous stuff you can afford, and on making your wedding unique to you.

3. I will treat my mind and body well.

Of course you want to look amazing walking down that aisle, but be smart and healthy about how you achieve your goal. A severe diet plus a militant workout schedule are more likely to put you on edge, than leave you radiant on your wedding day.

4. I will just let go… a bit.

You can't make everyone happy, so stop feeling guilty about the decisions that some people don't agree with. Expect excellence from your wedding suppliers and loving support from your family and friends, but let go of the idea of perfection… no matter how organized you are with your wedding planning, everything will not run smoothly - and that's ok. Be ready to give people, including yourself, a big break!

5. I will buckle down and figure out my guest list.

One of the toughest tasks in wedding planning, but it has to be done. So many things hinge on the length and breadth of your guest list, from venue and vibe to how far your budget will go. Once it's sorted, you'll be relieved to be past the conflicts it can create, and happy to move on to more pleasant tasks… like cake tasting!

6. I will not be afraid to ask for help

When it comes to planning your own wedding, you want to be in control, but sometimes you’ve got to hand stuff over. Delegate planning tasks to your helpful hubby-to-be, and use your bridesmaids‘ skills to their full potential. After all, what are bridesmaids for?

7. I won't be Bridezilla… or a doormat.

Even the most laid-back brides can turn a little wild when the pressure is on. But be flexible, but give in too much, and you could start to get resentful. Listen to others, but listen also to your heart. Have defusing tactics in mind to help you keep your cool if things get heated.

8. I will trust my wedding suppliers

Some things you have to hand over completely as you plan your wedding, especially when it comes to the professionals. You’re paying your wedding suppliers to do a job, so let them do it – don’t take on the stresses when you don’t have to. Have faith!

9. I will DIY at least one thing

Save yourself some hard-earned money and DIY when you can! It can be a fun activity when you get your friends and family involved, too. You’ll get so much satisfaction knowing that the bunting hanging across your venue on your wedding day, was made by your own fair hands.

p.s New Year's resolution number 10 is certainly, book your 2021 wedding dress appointment with Bellissima Weddings! Not only will you find your dream gown with us, but we'll also have your back and get you through any stress or strain wedding planning might throw at you!