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2020 Wedding Trends to Know Now

Out with the old and in with the unique. We’ve got the lowdown on the 2020 wedding trends

2020 Wedding Trends

Weddings in 2020 are set to focus less on tradition and more on choosing your own adventure. Weddings today are more unique and individual than ever before, with couples customising their day in endless ways from the location to the ceremony.

Carbon Neutral Weddings

There is no planet B. If in line with the average, your wedding could potentially generate 14.5 tonnes of carbon. Fortunately, there are numerous easy ways to avoid this. Fortunate also that eco-weddings are bang on trend. Shopping local and in-season, gathering wildflowers and forgoing gifts in favour of charitable donations have all been on the rise. Think vegetarian brides in pre-loved dresses, English-produced champagne and guests camping at the venue. You needn’t sacrifice luxury – just ensure you party sustainably.

Spiritual Services and Weddings

Crystal cleansing, hand-fastening ceremonies, Palo Santo and saging. 2020 will continue the spiritually-charged vibe with numerous incense-scented ceremonies occurring during new moons and solstices. Popular acts include passing round crystals for infusing with intentions during the ceremony, barefoot brides walking through willow arches in forests, acoustic musicians playing songs which the guests join in with and friends or loved ones as celebrants. This trend is about love and familiarity rather than fastidious tradition, with the ceremony reflecting the personality of the couple and how they will continue their lives together.

Vegan Weddings

Between 2014 and 2018 the number of vegans in the UK quadrupled to 600,000 with 42% making the change in 2018. This is set to increase every year – a change which in turn will have an impact on the menu couples choose for their weddings. The demand for meat-free grazing tables, plant-based buffets, meat alternatives and cashew cream wedding cakes has exploded and the options are numerous and sophisticated. Some guests may not even notice your wedding is animal-free.

Ball gowns and huge trains are making way for jumpsuits, short dresses and flat boots. Brides are opting for comfort and practicality rather than so much of the ‘princess’ factor. The royal wedding paved the way for a slew of chic yet plain dresses – a veer away from the figure hugging fishtails, lace and beading of years past. Brides often have two outfit changes – a beautiful ceremony look will transform into a sparkly disco number. The key is to wear whatever you like – you needn’t try and dress like a classic bride if you’re not feeling it. Your bridesmaids can all wear outfits they already own in different colours. Just make sure you feel a million dollars.

Embroidered Wedding Dresses

Chiara Ferragni kickstarted the trend of embroidered wedding dresses in late 2018 when she wore a custom Dior gown threaded with lyrics from her husband’s songs and motifs inspired by the couple’s relationship. In 2019, Hailey Baldwin looked stunning in a cathedral length, ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ inscribed statement veil. In 2020, we’ll see the embroidery trend boom as couples find more unique ways to tell their personal love story.

Floral Clouds and Sculptures

Big, unwieldy centrepieces are on their way out as couples keep them low to focus on fostering conversation between their guests. In their place, we’ll see the elaborate floral displays moved off the tables and up onto the ceilings or walls with statement installations designed to transform your venue.

Statement Tablescapes

As huge centrepieces fall out of favour, lavish and extravagant tablescapes will step up as a way to bring interest to your tables. Personalisation is the driving force behind this: couples no longer want their wedding breakfast tables to look the same as an upmarket restaurant dining experience. Colours, textures and unique touches will bring a tailor-made look to tables.

Confetti Alternatives

Confetti has had it’s day. While biodegradeable petal confetti is a popular alternative, lots of other different ways of sending off the newlyweds after they’ve said their vows are going to be big in 2020. Ribbon wands are one of our favourites. Pastel shades look amazing being waved aloft at spring and summer weddings, while jewel tones and rich earthy colours look fabulous in autumn and winter. You’ll find almost any colour of ribbon wand you could imagine on Etsy but it’s also easy to DIY your own.

Gender-Mixed Wedding Parties

Instead of all-female bridesmaids and all-male groomsmen, 2020 will see a mix-up in how we choose who’s in our wedding party. With a rise in humanist weddings, a decline in religious ceremonies and more gay weddings, how we marry in 2020 is going to be very different from previous years. This will show itself most in the wedding party as gendered traditions are thrown out the window and replaced with just the people the couple want standing by their side.

We’ll see more best women and males of honour, plus groomswomen and bridesmen. And there’ll be less use of the term ‘bridal party’. After all, there’s not always a bride.


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