Buying your dress or accessories

To place an order with us, we’ll require 50%  of the total price as your initial payment, and the remainder will be due when the items you have ordered are delivered to our store. As soon as the goods have been checked by us, we’ll contact you to either book a prefit to try on your gown or to come in and pick up your accessories. If you’ve ordered bridesmaids with us, we’ll arrange for you to bring your girls in so that they can try on their dresses before you take them away. 

We will happily store your wedding gown for free until your wedding, so don’t worry about having to cram it in your wardrobe for months, although we may ask you to take home your accessories, especially in really busy periods, as our accessory store room is only SO big!

As members of the Retail Bridalwear Association, we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer you the benefit of their Bride’s Protection Scheme, which basically means that your dress purchase is underwritten by the RBA, and therefore your purchase is safe in the extremely unlikely instance of anything nasty happening to Bellissima Weddings.